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Our Story

Leaping down the rabbit hole...


For several years I have had an aspiration to work with people in my community to create Theatre. I had a particular desire to support individuals to learn skills and confidence in theatre practice which could then be used in local community productions, and in other areas of life and learning. 

After a year of planning and research ALICE Theatre Project was finally launched in February 2018 with a 7 week pilot project delivering classes to children in the Shetland Community, 2 adult workshops and a family workshop. All classes were well received and after gathering feedback, discussions with participants and parents and a lot of learning, ALICE was fully launched in August 2018.  

It was important to me that ALICE Theatre Project trade as a Social Enterprise. This means that any profits over and above our running costs are reinvested in ALICE for future development and this is how we operate our business. 

We are currently running weekly classes for children which will culminate in a devised Theatre production at the end of our academic year, and we also run regular family and adult workshops. We are excited to work on future projects and we are always keen to hear from people who would like to work with us as we move forward. 

I couldn't speak about the birth of ALICE without mentioning my dear friend Karen. She came on board in the early stages with a wealth of knowledge in supporting others to achieve their potential. She was a listening ear through all the planning stages and has remained with the Project as our Support Worker for classes.

I am so grateful to Karen, my supportive family and to the countless others who believed in the project and continue to provide support this day.

We look forward to continuing in this exciting creative journey and offer our our sincere thanks to the Shetland community for believing in us! 


Artistic Director

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