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Act Learn Imagine Create Excel.

All our activities in the ALICE Theatre Project have the same core values.  Every workshop, class or project we undertake has passed through each of these pillars. We:


Celebrate DIVERSITY; Nurture BRAVERY; Embrace CURIOSITY and Cultivate JOY.  

ACT: Create new innovative Theatre, explore performance techniques in devising, physical theatre, presentation and vocal techniques.

LEARN: With the ALICE practical approach to learning develop core skills in communication, creativity and team building. Build confidence and key skills for life.

IMAGINE: With devising at the heart of all ALICE workshops we find ways to discover the untapped resource of your creative imagination.

CREATE: All ALICE adventures result in creation, whether it be a full production, a new character history or a new imagined world to explore

EXCEL: In an ALICE workshop you learn to be the best you can be. To celebrate your individuality, have confidence in who you are and believe in what you can achieve.

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