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  • Stephenie Pagulayan

Meet the ALICE Team!

I felt it was about time to introduce you to the fabulous ALICE Team who work with me to make our Children's Theatre Classes happen each Saturday. Our Creative Theatre classes are unique, imaginative and by their very nature - often unpredictable! This means it takes a very special team of people to pull everything together to make the best experience possible for our young students.

KAREN BLAIR is our class support worker, she comes to the project with a wealth of experience providing support to children, vulnerable young people and primarily over the past few years to individuals with Additional Support Needs through her work at COPE Ltd. Karen has been with the project since the beginning and provides key support to individuals in class to help them participate in activities. With creative theatre classes, this experienced support is important to help people feel comfortable, safe and confident to create. With her enthusiasm, warmth and positive energy, Karen is just the person to do that!

HERMIONE BOYES joined the team in Autumn 2018 as our Junior Support Worker. For her young years she already has vast experience in community theatre regularly performing with local groups Open Door Drama and Shetland Youth Theatre. In addition to acting, Hermione is also a talented musician and singer. We know we are only borrowing her until she starts her amazing journey into the world of musical theatre but we are so grateful for her help and support in class while she is with us! Her gentle encouragement and generosity to share her skills with our young students enriches each of our classes.

ISOBEL PAGULAYAN is our youngest team member at only 7 years old! Her role is quality control in testing and trying out our children's class activities before we bring them to class, a very important role indeed!

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