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ALICE Theatre Project CIC

In January ALICE Theatre Project was officially incorporated as a Community Interest Company. This is a special kind of not-for-profit company specifically developed for Social Enterprises like us! This means:

We are accountable to a board of directors who meet regularly to ensure that we are working in the best way we can We have passed a 'community interest test' to ensure our business is driven by the needs of our community, not our shareholders Any profits over and above running costs are reinvested into ALICE Theatre Project for the benefit of developing Theatre in the Shetland Community We are regulated by The Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies These are all ways you can be sure that by supporting our classes participants are not only getting a high quality theatre education experience, you are also supporting a value based, ethical, not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting your community.

To learn more about social enterprise, take a look at this video

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